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Toddler Killed In House Fire | News

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Toddler Killed In House Fire
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A North Valley community is in shock after a 2-year-old boy is killed in a house fire.

Merced firefighters say Kareem Butler, Jr. died in his crib.

The fire broke out shortly after 10 o'clock Tuesday morning.

While dad was at work, Megan Butler along with her two kids took a quick nap.

But the 5-year-old woke up; firefighters say he started playing with a lighter and accidentally caught the crib on fire with the 2-year-old inside.

When the 5-year-old couldn't put out the flames he ran to wake up mom.

Megan Butler says, "I opened the door and the whole room was filled with black smoke and flames and my son was in that flame."

Megan and neighbors tried to save the 2-year-old but were overpowered by the intense heat and smoke.

Neighbor Isaiah Serena says, "She said my child is still inside, so my dad and I ran inside and the smoke hit me."

The Butlers say despite their loss their effort now turns to their surviving 5-year-old son, who now blames himself.

Kareem Butler, Sr. says, "I went to hug him and he said why you hugging me, I killed Mookie. I explained to him I love him no matter what, it's not about just talking it's showing it."

Kareem Butler, Sr. has this message for parents everywhere.

Butler says, "Love your kids because you never know about tomorrow, it is not promised. I never expected this, leaving my home at 5:30 this morning and now my son is not here."

The Merced Fire Department is trying to use this tragedy as a lesson.

The Fire Chief wants the public to know if a parent has a child that has an unnatural fascination with fire, the department has juvenile fire prevention classes available.

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