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Cash For Jewelry At Your Front Door: Legitimate Business Or Scam? | News

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Cash For Jewelry At Your Front Door: Legitimate Business Or Scam?
Cash For Jewelry At Your Front Door: Legitimate Business Or Scam?

Door to door gold buying - that's what neighbors in one North Valley community say a pair of sales people are doing on their streets.

But some believe the whole thing's a bit sketchy.

People living on Valeria Road just outside of Dos Palos say, they were wary of two women driving down the street, going door to door, telling people they'll pay cash for their jewelry.

"To me it didn't seem right," said Yolanda Martinez.

She says two women stopped at her home, and asked several times to see her jewelry.

"She said ‘I'll wait for you right here while you go get your jewelry,' I said no, I don't have any. I kept telling her no, and she said, ‘I'll check your jewelry, I'll check it for you and I'll give you the money here.' And I go, ‘I don't believe in that," said Martinez.

The woman left her a card that had a name and number, but did not have the name of a business.

KMPH called the phone number - a woman who spoke broken English answered.

Another woman then explained the business is based in Los Angeles, but employees leave cards on front doors and drive to meet potential sellers to make a deal.

The woman said they pay cash for jewelry up front.

"For these folks to be hundreds of miles away from where their business office is located, especially if the business doesn't have a name, it's too strange. It sounds more like, probable thieves," said Jose Martinez.

Jose called the Merced County Sheriff's Department, alerting deputies to the sketchy sales people.

"My biggest fear is having someone come in and breaking into the house," said Martinez.

Jose worries the women may actually be casing homes to rob.

"If I need jewelry sold to get some money, I'm going to go to a business. But someone driving door to door, giving me a card with no name, not someone who I want to deal with personally," said Martinez.

Deputies tell KMPH that the department has not received any complaints about the sales women, but agree the scenario does sound suspicious.

We called the number on the card several times and left messages to get a comment about this story, no one called us back.

We also looked up the phone number to see if it matched any listed businesses - and it does not.


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